Welcome to the New BESTEK Community!

Hi, everyone!!
We’re very happy to announce that our all-new BESTEK community forum is ready. We are very grateful that you’ve been a part of our BESTEK family.

Why did we start our community?

We set up this community for a simple purpose - create an open platform to let people chat and interact with each other as well as us.

This is a place where you can speak your mind and share your ideas about BESTEK products, services and anything else that you think is interesting and meaningful to you and others. This is also a place where we will launch all sorts of activities and distribute exclusive content to our fans.

It is our goal to make it a better place for BESTEK fans across the globe. Everyone is welcome to come and meet other BESTEK fans around the world and share their creative insights into all things.

What are the benefits of being a part of the BESTEK Community?

1.Potential friendships
In this community, you can find some help from other users of Bestek products.

2.Various Activities
The community is also a place where we can express our appreciation to all BESTEK fans. There will many great activities including special deals, giveaways, free trials and recruitment of reviewers or testers. Here you can find the latest updates about deals and activities.

We hope that everyone will join our various activities. For more good deals and activities, please keep an eye on the information posted in the Deals and Giveaways section and ready to join as slots will be limited.

Content Categories Introduction

1. News & Announcements
Information all about the brands, products, and the community itself will be shared here.

2. Deals & Giveaways
There will be many exclusive discounts and events. Everyone is welcome to participate!

3. General & Product Discussion
General product discussion and off-topic chat.

4. Product Reviews
All your experiences with BESTEK products can be shared here in various ways, including the shipment updates, unboxing pictures/videos are also welcome.

5. Questions & Answers
If you have any question about products, services or something else, you can find the answers here. If you can’t find the answers you want, you can start a discussion and there will be other members who know the answer to your questions.

6. Ideas & Suggestions
If you have any suggestions or ideas to help us improve our products and customer service, please let us know here. Your feedback will be highly valued.

Make It Better Together

Although we have spent a lot of time developing this community, it is still in its infancy. If there are any issues you find, please submit your tips in the ideals & suggestions section, or contact the admin directly. We will check your ideals as soon as possible. Once your suggestions are adopted, you can get a generous gift.

The last, but not the least

Thanks for coming by and make yourself at home. We want this to be the community’s platform and not any single persons/teams. It’s definitely something that we will devote time to and work on over a long period of time. Finally, hope you to discover more fun in BESTEK new community.

BESTEK, Best Life!

*NOTE:This is the Beta version. Some functions like the “start a discussion” are still in testing and improving. Please wait for the BESTEK official notice. If you have any questions, please pm admin or send a mail to BESTEK team via support@bestekmall.com.


In 2012, I bought a power inverter from Amazon BESTEK store, and it still works now.
Then I have your universal travel adaptor, Wifiplug, desk lamp, power strip…

I must admit, BESTEK is a brand that makes delicate products. I get the careful customer service from you guys. So I am fan of you now.


Thank you:) Ready to get started:)


Would love to test your new electric toothbrush! Congratulations on your launch!

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Do you have any idea about Epson Printer Error 0xf1? I am looking for the solution and I am not so familiar with it.

Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of this community!!


I an looking forward to doing this review


I am so glad to be a part of this community thanks!!

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t4: for tomorrow :grin:

I have the BESTEK 3-Outlet Vertical Cube Mountable Power Strip 4 USB Ports. . . I was wondering if you sell additional bases ???

hi, sorry about the delay. We don’t sell the additional base separately, but we can help you to solve this problem. Is there anything wrong with your product? Please let us know your problem in detail. Our customer service center will help you. Did you buy it from Amazon? If, yes, please also provide your order number. Or you can email to our customer service via support@bestekmall.com. We will help you.

Hello, thanks for joining this community, but we are not experienced in the field of the printer. Sorry that we can’t help you.

When I was going to print something I have encountered with some problem in my lexmark printer offline windows 10 6 was popping up due to some driver issue which I am not at all getting so please help me with Lexmark printer troubleshooting.