BESTEK Electric Toothbrush Giveaway:200 testers are needed in total!

I have loved Bestek products for a while now and have multiple chargers from them. I am interested in the new toothbrush can you highlight the features ? Would love to try one…

:star_struck: What I’m looking for in an electric toothbrush are the following to ensure I get one that fits my needs.
Must be affordable!
Soft but somewhat firm bristles for a good clean
Must have a nice thick grip to hold
Rechargeable would be ideal to save money
Being able to take it on the go with me without hassle
Must be able to be used in shower
Must last at least 3 years
Color options would be a major plus
Protect my teeth from plaque and buildup
Adjustable timing for teeth brushing
Must have small beads on back of head so I can clean my tongue like needed
Must have a whitening option as I enjoy having whiter teeth
Safe for my teeth and dentist recommended
Won’t get molded or turn black :mask:
A great toothbrush I could share with my family and friends!

Can you tell me what type of batteries you use, how often they should be charged and if the toothbrush should be run down before it is placed back on the battery charger to lengthen the battery life of this toothbrush?

Do the toothbrush heads come in different bristle types? I have a special needs son, he had cancer when he was a baby and he’s VERY sensitive in his mouth area as he had terrible mouth sores and had to have a full mouth restoration. He has perm teeth coming in crooked from the chemo, it is a CHORE to brush his teeth. We’d love a softer version of a high powered toothbrush! He has very sensitive gums that bleed, so we need a toothbrush that can get in there in the shortest amount of time with the highest amount of plaque removal, in the softest way possible.

I would absolutely love to try out this Bestek product. I love the fact that there is an on/off switch for the electric toothbrush plus a timer. That comes in handy for sure. I have never owned an electric toothbrush ,so this whole entire process will be new to me and I can share every step of the way with you. Looking forward to an awesome opportunity. Thank you for your consideration and hope to hear back from you.

I would love to test and sample this toothbrush! I am constantly buying electric toothbrushes that seem to last a few weeks to a month. I haven’t found a rechargeable toothbrush I would be ready to commit to buying. This toothbrush looks innovative and would benefit my busy lifestyle. If selected I would post my review on Facebook, instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Thank you!

I would love to trial this. I’m in need of a new tooth brush that’s effective at cleaning teeth throughly, I’m willing to share my review with friends family colleagues and others thanks

So much excited to work with BESTEK group. When the Electric Toothbrush will be available for buying ??? @BESTEK_Official

I would love the opportunity to try the Bestek electric toothbrush. It’s very hard to clean with a normal toothbrush as I have a lot of problems with my teeth. So I would like to ask.

_does it reach any hard places?

  • is there a soft head ??
    -what is the speed of the head (rpm)?
  • What is the battery lifetime ?
    I would love to help give feedback to all my friends family.

My name is Mickenzie Johnson and I wouldn’t really like to try this product. I’m interested to see ignoring it’s like the other electronic toothbrushes I’ve tried, what sets it apart, does it have to be charged or need batteries, if so how long of a charge, can you replace out the brush heads, what speeds does it give you, and so much more. I’m truly intrigued by this product and really hope to get a chance to test it out. If selected I would post my review on amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat , and tell everyone I know about this toothbrush.

Terri here…As someone with gum sensitivity issues I have a few questions. Are the bristles in this brush soft? How long should someone use it before seeing a difference in dental heath? I have an electric toothbrush that is on an automatic timer, does this one have a similar feature and or speed variables? What is the typical charge time and how long does the batter last before it needs recharged (space is very limited in my small bathroom)?

Looking forward to replies!
Thank you for your time!

I always look forward to have very clean and white teeth. taking care of my teeth is a priority. I am interested in testing your electric toothbrush and see how effective it will be in cleansing my teeth properly and helping remove the stains along with the use of appropriate toothpaste. Looking forward to try it.

I have been an Oral B electric toothbrush user for over 30 years. I know its major advantages and disadvantages. I am also an influencer. I even brush my teeth at my governmental office’s lady room full of others who brush their teeth. I have used a manual at work because an electric toothbrush would be unsightly at work. However, yours looks pretty cool. I can show it to my coworkers. I have shared good ideas on other products as well. We are all professionals so if it is a good thing, my coworkers think about getting the same thing! I have a Facebook page to share your cool toothbrush but I figure that you will want a review for your website and even Amazon. The one thing I do is to tell you from the moment I receive the product, how hard or easy it is to understand it and put it to full use as well as the drawback. I hope I get selected and try a different type of electric toothbrush. Thanks for your consideration.

My teeth are failing due to chemo treatments I received when I was 26. I brush but one by one the back teeth are getting pulled or root canals . I am hoping that your product will help improve the quality of my teeth before I end up losing them all. Thank you for the chance to try Bestek Electric Toothbrush.


I’m a huge addict towards caring for my teeth, and I love any way with which to improve it. I regularly argue with my girlfriend over the best ways to take care of our teeth, and this looks like the next opportunity I can take to get the leg up on her. I am especially interested in the benefits of the “Whitening mode” and would love the opportunity to try out this toothbrush. My main question is: what do you feel is the big differentiator of your toothbrush than ones you see on the shelves and other popular online toothbrushes (e.g. Quip). Thanks again and I look forward to the opportunity to try out this awesome looking product.

I’ve never had the opportunity to try A Bestek toothbrush but I would love to.
Can you tell me what sets your toothbrushes apart from the others?
What does it all come with?
Does it rotate, vibrate, or both?
Does it need to stay plugged in at all times? If not how often does it need to be charged?

I’d luv to try this. I’m a beauty consultant.i go to homes for a personalized constantly asked best products to clean,whiten teeth I’d luv to be able to recommend your

Hello my name is Dominique I woul like type out this electric tooth brush I currently use the electric toothbrush from Walmart I want to try something different since Walmart dont last long

would love to try this product, I will post if I win, and I will share the product to all my friends and family

As someone who reviews tech quite frequently, I would love to have a shift from the mainstream gadgets like laptops and headphones etc. And venture into things like these. Not only do they show the pinnacle of new technology but also increase utility for a habit that we perform daily! Since I am moving to university soon, having an electronic toothbrush will add a little pzazz to my morning routine!

My main concerns would be the battery life, the noise (if any) and the waterproofing! By looking at the design, I do feel it’s quite well built and love the functionality it promises to provide on paper. However, I will want to pass my unbiased judgement after a rigorous testing period of atleast a week with usage being twice a day.

My reviews will be posted on the website as an article and I would probably even upload it on my channel on YouTube.

I expect it to last me ideally a week on a full charge, at least 5 days. Since it has wireless charging I will also be testing how fast it charges. If given the allowance, I will also be testing the durability of the product and the resistance of the toothbrush and the travel case against falls and other damages.

All of the above pointers and review parameters will be presented in detail on the review article with images and also on the video.

Talking about customer base and outreach, I am sure that just my video will generate over 1000 views, adding that to the article on my website, I can guarantee an outreach of at least 3000 unique users!

Looking forward to being a part of this amazing testing opportunity.