BESTEK Electric Toothbrush Giveaway:200 testers are needed in total!

I would kove to test this toothbrush out. I have tried other electrical toothbrushes and they sucks to put it nicely. The batteries dont last long they are not rechargeable or portable. They do not clean my teeth really good with out me having to scrub them hard. The power heads cost more than a new tooth brush does to replace. They also state they polish or whiten teeth but even with using the recommended toothpaste I see no difference in my teeth.
Is the bestek tooth brush rechargable? Will itless costly to replace the cleaning heads and be portable? Will the bestek toothbrush polish and whiten my teeth?
If chosen to test the bestek tooth brush I will give my honest opinion and feedback good or bad.
I’m looking for a toothbrush that stands up to what the product says it will do and not just attempt to do it.

I’d love to try the electric toothbrush. I’d like to see how it compares to electric brushes I’ve tried in the past, like the Oral B and Sonicare. I’d especially like to find out how long a single charge lasts. I’m hoping for two weeks or more. Also, how convenient is the charger? Is it an obnoxious bulky base, or a simple cord? How much do the heads cost? How do they feel on teeth? Does it do a good job on gums and plaque?

I wanna try it! It wuold be great for my teeth! If It would be great, il suggest It to all my Friends!

How does BESTEK Electric Toothbrush differ from other electronic toothbrushes out there? What makes it better or unique?

I’d love to be chosen to try this toothbrush I’ve never used an electic one before and would love to try.

With having braces as an older adult and my son having braces is this a better solution for brushing? Would love to try this and see the difference!

I would love to try this toothbrush! We are trying to instill great dental health in my son and I think this product would be so beneficial! Is it small enough for a child’s mouth? Also how long does a charge hold for? I would like to not have to take my charger on small trips! My name is Sara and I would happily post a review on my Facebook and Instagram accounts!

I would love to know how this toothbrush does on removing plaque and would gladly review it on facebook 683 followers or twitter 1256 followers . I do reviews all the time on my product purchases because I believe that consumers want to know how well the product functions before commiting to purchase My name is karen Wilson bellomy on facebook twitter @ksb38020

My dentist has recommended an electric toothbrush but i have not made the switch. How often do you replace the head? Are they soft bristles? And are they really more thorough at brushing vs a handheld basic toothbrush? I will post a review on facebook/twitter with photos. thanks!

I would love to test this new product. i will do social reviews on facebook. twitter. instagram and youtube.

I have never had a chance to test or use any electric toothbrushes, and would love the opportunity to be one of your testers. I have test many things for major brands, including clothing and shoes which I post about on my social media channels (Facebook, IG, SnapChat and Twitter). If given the opportunity, I promise to provide you with the best feedback on how to make your product better.

I love how these toothbrushes look. I do wish they had a few more colors available. I would love to test this electronic toothbrush I have tried some but nothing ever works great. I’m looking for my new forever brand.

I would love to try the new Bestek Electric Toothbrush because I take my dental health very seriously. I look for quality toothbrushes that provide the best results, such as deep cleaning and whitening advantages. My questions are as follows:

  1. Does this toothbrush have soft to medium bristles?
  2. Does this toothbrush provide deep cleaning to teeth, such as stain removal?
  3. Is this toothbrush good for whitening?
  4. Does it have an automatic timer?
  5. Do dentist and orthodontist recommend this toothbrush?
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Harmesh Basandrai busy working mom and like posting my experiences using products on amazon, target, Best Buy and social media. Looking for something that goes long way not like use and throw like other battery brushes. Would love to try this and share experience with others so they can enjoy the same benefits.

I would love to try this toothbrush. I use a manual toothbrush and Ive always wanted to try an electric. If this brush works half as great as it looks then I will be in great shape.

How long does the battery last? Also, how long till I will have to change the brush?

I will post on all my social media channels, and Im a member of most of them!

Hi!!!My name is Carmela and I live in Italy,I’m so excited to make part of this project!I want to be a tester of Bestek because in Italy nobody knows it and It would be beautiful share this experience with all my friends,my parents and Italian audience.Thanks for this chance!I wish to be the tester you are searching for!

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I would love the opportunity to try the Bestek electric toothbrush. I have a very awkward mouth. Cooked teeth that never got fixed. It’s very hard to clean with a normal toothbrush. So I would have ask

  1. Does is get those hard to reach places?
  2. What makes it better than another leading brand electric toothbrush?
  3. What do dentists say about it?
  4. Does it help whiten teeth?
  5. Can you change the speed?
  6. Is there a timer?
  7. What is the battery life?
    I would love to help give feedback to people on my facebook, snapchat, Amazon review (if applicable) and to all my friends family and co-workers.

Hi I’d love the opportunity to try an Electric toothbrush. Is the brush easy to grip as I have problems with my hands? What are s the weight of the brush & can the brush head be replaced? I’d love to become a Bestek tester & given honest review of great products. Thank you for the chance to become part of something special

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Hey, I’m Jherrica!! I currently use a Manual toothbrush and so my questions for this toothbrush are as followed. Does this toothbrush have a easy to grip design that way it’s not slipping when I’m brushing? I say that your toothbrush has different setting for your teeth which I think is mind blowingly awesome but does it clean those hard to reach areas that a manual brush can not? I always brush 2x a day for a better efficient cleaning and sometimes I notice I brush to hard, how can your tooth brush help me with that? I’m really interested in learning more about this toothbrush. I can share on my Facebook page (1175 people) my Instagram (905 people) and even make a video on YouTube! I’d love to help you introduce your product to the world and have the opportunity to test It throughly and fully! When it comes to toothbrushes, everyone want to know how great it works compared to other competitors and I’d love to show them!!

I would love to change out my old electric tooth brush for one that is better. The battery on my last e-brush didn’t hold a charge very long. I like the wireless charger for it.

Why you think this toothbrush is the best one to use?
How long does this keep charged?
How soft or hard are the bristles?

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