BESTEK Electric Toothbrush Giveaway:200 testers are needed in total!

I am interested in learning more about this product! I recently had a conversation the other day with my dentist regarding the importance of a electronic toothbrush and have been comparing different brands, particularly waterpik and quip.

I am interested in being able to use a electronic toothbrush with a high quality that can be easily portable. Is this product portable?

I am also intrigued by the different head available, as it seems that it will help reach all areas of the mouth. This seems like a good plus for those with sensitive teeth or small mouths with hard to reach areas.

I would like to learn more about this product and test it as a busy on-the-go person! I attend an MBA program full time, work, and hold leadership positions and volunteer with the community, and sometimes it is easy to overlook certain things, like proper gum health. I think a product like this could ensure busy people like myself, can take care of themselves too!

I am more than happy to review the product on my social media channels, which feature more than 1000+ followers on Instagram, and 1000+ on facebook as well.

hello, thanks for your participation. yes, first, the bristles are made of high-quality Dupon filament that is not too soft or not too hard to ensure it can clean but not hurt your teeth. As for the replacement brush heads, we offer 1 U-shaped and 2 wavy-shaped, to meet your different needs. Second, it offers the soft brushing mode that has small vibration intensity and suitable for children, the elderly, and those with sensitive gums, which can effectively reduce gum bleeding. Third, all the materials were FDA certified, feel assured to use.
I think you can try this way. hope this can help you. thanks

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hello, thanks for your participation!

BESTEK electric toothbrush offers 31000 times stroke per minute, has three brush heads including two shapes, and comes with a travel case that can store and charge the brush wirelessly. For more highlights of this toothbrush, you can check the product page. Hope this can help you.

for you, I think you can try the soft brushing mode: The vibration intensity is small, and it is suitable for children, the elderly, and those with sensitive gums, which can effectively reduce gum bleeding.

the brush will come with 3 replaceable brush heads with different shapes. Yes, each brush head can also clean your tongue as its back is made of soft rubber materials with tiny bumps. And there is a brush head with double-pointed bristles to help you clean between the teeth as well as hard-to-reach areas.

hope this can help you. thanks

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hello, thanks for your participation! Of course, it is portable. it comes with a travel case, so it is easy to take anywhere you go. And it can be charged by the travel case as well and can last for 21 days after one full charge. so it is perfect for travelers. Hope this can help you. thanks

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I am wondering.
how long does the tooth brush battery last?
When you recharge the battery how long does it take?
Does it reach between your teeth using high pressure water?

All the specs listed above and asked by other members sounds great . Love the love lasting battery life . Ideal for short breaks and weekends away

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This text will be hiddenOh thank you for your response and the additional information! I can’t wait to try the Bestek electric toothbrush! Thank you so much!

They advised me this on the battery life hope this helps :blush: [quote=“BESTEK_Official, post:296, topic:37”]
the brush can be used for 21 days after one full charge if with twice daily usage.

I would definitely love to review this product. As a person who always try’s to maintain my teeth as clean as possible I would love to see what this product has to offer. I have a question as to how long the heads of the brushes would last individually and would there be replacement heads sold as well as. I wonder how well this product would help as far as fighting plaque. Thank you

At first glance I can see that this toothbrush looks stunning, compared to other ones that I’ve seen. In the past I have used about 2 other electric toothbrushes that were absolutely HORRIBLE with them either drilling into my teeth or just having no power at all.

I’m hoping this product is different not only in power but in experience as well. I expecting that it would fit my needs and have that perfect level of comfort everyone seeks in a toothbrush. My teeth are a little sensitive when brushing and my gums do seem to bleed sometimes when using a manual toothbrush so I’m hoping to see some improvement.

There are a few concerns I have:

  1. Will the bulk of the handle become uncomfortable to hold?
  2. How soft are the bristles of the brush?
  3. How often will I have to charge the brush itself?
  4. Will my mouth have a numbness feeling to it?
  5. How heavy is the brush? Will my hand become easily fatigued from holding it?

That’s all the questions and concerns I have as of now. I will be sure to post on all of my social media sites and I hope to check out this product myself. :slight_smile:

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I started using a battery powered brush in the last year & have discovered that it greatly helps improve my gums. But the down side is that it blows through batteries! I talked to my dentist & they recommend getting a basic electric toothbrush. I like that this is rechargeable.

How big is the charging base?
Is it easy to travel with, does the brush have a cover?

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My name is Melissa and I’d love to leave photograph and video reviews for you on my Facebook and Instagram. I can post it in large groups on Facebook and on Instagram and Twitter with just enough hashtags that will get it the attention it deserves.

I have several thousand followers from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I use these platforms daily to market and sell my own goods and that of others.

The toothbrush looks next level and I love the idea of being able to charge it inside the case. This alone did not only catch my attention, but will surely grab the attention of others too!

I have never seen nor heard of a toothbrush having a whitening function and I would really like to see and try this out for myself. I would also love to explain this to others while being a BESTEK ambassador.

I hope you accept my application and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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hello, thanks for your participation.

  1. yes, the handle has ergonomically designed buttons and grooves that can fit for your finger perfectly.

  2. The bristles are made of high-quality Dupon filament that is not too soft or not too hard to ensure it can clean but not hurt your teeth.

  3. the brush can last 21 days after one single charge.

  4. em, the vibration frequency is 31000 times per minute, which is just right to clean the teeth but not make your mouth numbness.

  5. it is only 60g, very compact.

hope this can help you. thanks

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hello, the brush is charged by the travel case, which is compact and can also store the brush from dust. it is perfect for travel. hope this can help you. thanks

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Would love to test a toothbrush! My daughter is about to get braces and this would be perfect for her! She is currently using a manual brush, and has asked me for an electric brush. This would be a wonderful opportunity to get one for free AND test against the dreaded braces!!

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really am looking for an electric toothbrush and something to better brush my teeth, i done a lot of research on how, and how long i need to brush it, and see how to make it better, but my friend got one that is for kids and it beeps every time for a new spot to change when brushing, i believe that is pretty cool. also i want to know if it work for all ages, but just something new and fun to try.

thanks if i ever get the chance.

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Your new toothbrush looks super cool! Everyone seems to be really positive about it. I’m curious how it lines up against my top of the line one.

I expect the toothbrush to fully clean but not agitate my gums and teeth, give me a way to clean my tongue, and the bristles to not be abrasive enough to damage my teeth! I would love to be picked if you have the need.

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I really can not wait to test this out. I will be posting any reviews to my Facebook and my insta I think we will do the actual testing with my 11 year old son. If this can help him in getting a better clean and a good checkup at the dentist. It will for sure make a believer out of me!!!

Thank you so much for selecting me to be one of your testers for your Electric Toothbrush. I am looking forward on receiving my toothbrush. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartpulse:

Can’t wait to receive and start testing the toothbrush once it’s ready :grin::grin::grin:
Thank you for the opportunity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: